Duvet Day (18-30 months)

A sensory theatre experience for 18-30 months

7 - 15 Apr

Adventure Theatre Ages
18-30 mths

This version of Duvet Day is for ages 18 – 30 months

We’re staying in bed! Put on your snuggliest pyjamas, grab your favorite toy, and crawl inside the blanket fort to play – it’s duvet day!

Duvet Day is a new theatre experience for toddlers and babies. Full of fun puppets, interactive games, and gentle storytelling, it is an ideal introduction to the joys of theatre and group play. There’s also plenty of time to take a deep breath and snuggle up with your little one, letting imagination bring you to the cooling shade of the forest, experience life on a cloud, and discover who lives under the sea.

Running time: 50 mins approximately,  including post performance relaxing chill-out time

Please note that shoes cannot be worn in the Adventure Theatre for performances of Duvet Day, due to the nature of the set.

An Old Saw Production

Ticket Prices

Duvet Day is designed to be a shared experience between a parent/carer and their child. Joint tickets cost £18 (for one adult and one child)
A limited number of tickets for additional, accompanying adults are available for £6
(£1.50 transaction charge per booking)

Age Guidance

Recommended for ages 18 – 30 months

Click here to book for the 0 – 18 month version

Duvet Day is specifically designed to be an intimate and shared 1:1 experience for a baby or toddler to enjoy snuggled up with their accompanying parent or carer. Audience capacity is very limited to allow for a cosy, peaceful atmosphere. The idea behind Duvet Day is to present a little haven, a short interlude within a busy day, to have a special and focused time with one child.

Because of the possibilities for interaction in Duvet Day, we have decided to offer two versions of the show. The energy of the performance will vary according to the age range of the babies and toddlers in the group. This age guidance offers the opportunity for babies and toddlers to engage in ways which are most appealing to them, and for the performer to tailor the pace for interaction.

Dates & Times

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