Hannah Hutch on bringing To Dream Again to life…

March 21, 2017

Hannah Hutch on bringing To Dream Again alive...

We caught up with To Dream Again’s leading lady Hannah Hutch to hear how rehearsals were going and how the cast were bringing the play to life!

How has the first part of the rehearsal been?

Great fun! So far in rehearsals we’ve been breaking down the play into sections. Then we’ve dissected it further into beats; marking moments, so we can deliver a clear narrative for the young people watching. Now we are on our feet and creating the world for Toby’s characters to inhabit, playing with toilet plungers, tea cups, floorboards and books.

What are your first thoughts on the play?

Fun, real, magic, love, clever. Change can be a good thing. Toby’s play is clever as it mixes a bit of A Midsummer Night’s Dream into a modern family’s life. Sophie is told the story of how her parents, Helena and Demetrius fell in love “in a wood, at night, a night in the middle of the summer”. As she witnesses her parents’ marriage become tense and fraught she then tries take them back to that moment they fell in love, to take them back to the start to try and fix it.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is full of magic – is To Dream Again be the same?

Well, when we visited a primary school of pupils ranging from 8-10, magic was a topic we explored with them. We asked them if they believed in fairytale endings and what is magic? It was comforting to discover that in a society of youngsters hooked on modern technology, magic is still very much an important and conceivable concept for them.

Therefore it’s important that we show magic maybe not just through trickery and illusions always- although our Puck may come in handy there! But perhaps by showing the young audience that magic is everywhere, love is unconditional from your parents whether they split up or not, they’ll always love you, that’s magic and unexplainable.

In To Dream Again you play Sophie. Can you tell us a little bit about her?

Sophie is a 9 year old girl; her favourite foods are Wotsits and Fab ice-lollies, she loves writing and one day she is going to be an author. At the start of the play the audience see Sophie in the last week her her summer holiday, this means she’s with Mum and Dad a lot, which is why she she tries to fix them and make them happily in love again, just like the fairy stories she has been told about since she was little and like the stories she loves writing about.

Sophie is brave and sharp but as the play unfolds we see her learn about change and how it isn’t always a bad thing.

This is your first time working at Polka – How has that been so far?

Polka is an amazing space; it feels like a big dolls house full of character and colour. The design of the set really works well in here as it’s like a dissection of a house which is very similar to the structure of Polka.

To Dream Again runs on Polka’s Main Stage from Fri 10 Mar – Sun 2 Apr. Click here for more information and to book tickets.