In the Winter Wood: Make your own…WOLF MASK with designer Matt Edwards

December 19, 2018

Get crafty this Christmas with this fabulous mask template created by In the Winter Wood designer Matt Edwards. We are going to show you how to make your very own wolf mask, as seen in the show! 



  • Using scissors, very carefully cut out the template – you may need a grown up to help you!


  • Using a pencil, draw around the template onto a piece of card or thick paper


  • Now carefully cut out the card template to make your mask


  • You may wish to wear it as it is, or decorate it with scraps of material, wrapping paper, tissue paper or anything else you have to hand


  • Practice your best howl, and try not to scare the grandparents too much!


Why not share your masks with us by posting a photo of your creation? Follow us @polkatheatre
In the Winter Wood is playing the the Adventure Theatre until 17 Feb.