The Wind in the Willows: Badgers in the Dark

November 8, 2018

The time has finally come, The Wind in the Willows opens tomorrow! We caught up with Edd Muruako, who plays Badger, to find out more about the magical transformation from the rehearsal room to the stage…


  • Hello Edd – or should we say Badger! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, we know this is a very busy time. 

Yes it is. We call this week ‘Tech Week’. ‘Tech’ is short for ‘technical’ so this is the time when all the technical departments get to do their rehearsals. This includes lights and sound. It suits me quite well as we spend much of the week in the dark!

  • Does it help you having the set and costumes to work with?

Absolutely. It helps me inhabit the world I’m trying to portray and it also helps me feel more like a Badger. Liz (designer) has done a fantastic job of making you feel like you’ve been transported to the riverbank.

  • What is your favourite part of the set?

Well naturally Badger’s house is my favorite part of the set. It even has a sign with my name on it!

  • What are these trap doors for?

The trap doors create a system under the stage for us woodland animals to enter and exit from. It’s also where the Badger goes hunting for food. It’s a very clever way of creating a sense of where these animals live in the wild, plus it’s lots of fun to play with.

  • Are you looking forward to having an audience?

Absolutely. The audience is the most important ingredient, we can’t do it without you.

  • Can you sum up the show in three words?

Amazing, fun and beautiful.


Says it all! Next week we talk to Jessica (Ensemble) who will be telling us all about what it’s like being in front of an audience. 


The Wind in the Willows

9 Nov – 17 Feb | Recommended Ages 5+