Unlock Polka

Unlocking Children's potential during the Coronavirus Crisis

Donation week: Tue 23 – Tue 30 Jun (opens from 12 noon)

Polka Theatre are a registered charity who provide creative activities and support for families, teachers and vulnerable children.

Children are amongst those hit hardest by lockdown and the impact of Covid 19. For some the stress, anxiety and isolation can be overwhelming. Now more than ever children need access to creative experiences which help them to combat loneliness, and navigate their ever changing world.

Covid 19 has dealt Polka a significant blow. They need your help to continue supporting children, their teachers and families at a time when they need it most.

Just £25 could pay for materials for an online workshop for families to enjoy for free

Just £65 could pay for a teachers support pack, full of creative ideas for remote lessons and games for children at home.

Just £120 could pay for a free drama workshop for children at risk of social isolation

Since the lockdown started Polka Theatre have:

    • Launched Polka Online, a treasure trove of free creative activities, storytelling, live workshops and more.
    • Adapted their support programmes for at-risk children so everyone can still take part regardless of their personal barriers e.g. no internet access.
    • Stayed in touch with vulnerable members of the community
    • Moved their intergenerational choir online this summer! So everyone from babies to grandparents can still enjoy singing together, even while they are apart.
    • Created a strategy to support children once lockdown ends


  • Polka Theatre would like to thank those who have supported our Unlock Polka Campaign thus far, including our pledge champions: