Our Young Voices Panel Review The Snow Queen

December 4, 2017

Find out what our Young Voices Panel thought of The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is one of the best shows I’ve seen at the Polka. It has got exactly the right balance of comedy, action and suspense which, for me, is what makes it a great family show. What impressed me the most in the Snow Queen was how the cast used the set and lots of props for the different scenes. I felt this was very clever and added to the playful and fun feel of the play. The Snow Queen was at times very funny, all the characters were eccentric and silly. A particularly funny moment for me was when one of the character’s kept on being given roles that they didn’t want in the children’s adventure such as being a crow or pigeon ! There were a few scary moments in the production which for me were all the parts featuring the Snow Queen. I felt they really captured her coldness through eerie sounds and by only representing her through a shadow it made her seem almost supernatural. If I had to sum up the Snow Queen in three words I would say it was an -engaging, magical and thought-provoking play. By Hannah

The thing that impressed me most was how funny it was and the set and lighting were amazing. One of the funniest moments was when a character pretended to be a pigeon. A moment I found scary was at the start when everything was dark on stage, the set was covered in white sheets, then creepy music played as the show began! The moral of the story was ‘nothing lasts forever’. The show was warm, clever and hilarious. By Tallulah

The Snow Queen was a fun show to watch because of the fact that it was for everyone – people of all ages. They would love the different stories all about magic, friendship and adventure. The thing I liked most about the show was that it was very creative and imaginative but also very funny. The funniest part for me was when one of the friends (in the cast) always had to dress up and play the Granny role. The thing that impressed me most in the show was the lighting and the sound effects – especially how they used a disco ball to make millions of shattered glass when the mirror broke. The actual Snow Queen being made up of random objects was also very creative, and the lighting making her size change between bigger and smaller was good. I also liked how the story was set in an attic and that the children used their imagination for different scenes as each section of the story was told.

If I had to sum The Snow Queen up in three words, they would be CREATIVE, FUNNY & FRIENDSHIP. By Jaeden

Intriguing, creative and different. This is my review for Polka Theatre’s show The Snow Queen. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who made this show possible, for it is really very unique. I think the actors were very good, and as usual, I love that Polka does not use many people to perform shows. My favourite bit of the show was when Gerda came to the flower-woman and she kept showing her flowers, even shoving them right under her face. If I were to sum up the show in three words, I would say it was intriguing, creative and different. Polka shows always stand out in a luminous way in my mind, and I am proud to be part of the thrilling YVP. By Amelia

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