Our Young Voices Panel Review The Borrowers

June 30, 2017

This week, our very own Young Voices Panel have been adventuring under the floorboards with our exciting new Summer show, The Borrowers. Since then they’ve been busy writing up their reviews. Here are some snippets of their thoughts on the play:

“What I really liked about the performance was that all the actors were full of energy and that they all played their characters stunningly. One of my favourite things was when they rolled in the gigantic marshmallow!! That sent me into fits of laughter!

Eggletina was so funny! It was hilarious to see a man inside a great bushy skirt, prancing around! I decided to name my chicken Eggletina in honour of this superb character. Uncle Kendry waddled off in a most peculiar way that was hilarious to watch. I am very proud and impressed by the actors, directors, operators, producers, designers and understudies who are always there if something happens. Without all these people, ‘The Borrowers’ wouldn’t be on stage. I will recommend this phenomenal show to my friends, and hopefully they will also share their point of view. THANK YOU for a splendid show.”

By Amelia Dinsdale (Aged 9)

“I really enjoyed The Borrowers. I found it interesting that you could see the puppeteers; I haven’t really seen that, that much before.

Another thing I thought worked really well was all of the doubling. Lastly I thought all of the props and large pins, flowers etc were incredible and really believable.

I loved the play, I think it was amazing and intriguing.”

By Polly Tinline (Aged 9)

The Borrowers continues on Polka’s Main Stage until Sun 20 August. Click here for more information and to book tickets.