Director John Young on To Dream Again

March 21, 2017

Director John Young on To Dream Again

We spoke with John Young, the director of To Dream Again, about mixing Shakespeare with modern society and bringing the magic alive on stage…

What’s been going on in the rehearsal room for To Dream Again?

Well, it’s been a wonderful two weeks. This time round we’ve got two new cast members so we’ve gone right back to the beginning and started again. This has been great as we’ve found loads more in Toby’s writing.

What is your favourite thing about the play?

It’s bravery. It doesn’t patronise or talk down to its audience. It’s complex and layered as well which I really like. I think there’s something in there for children but also for adults. Also I love that I the middle of our play we sort of jump into A midsummer nights dream, that’s pretty cool, right?

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is full of magic, how do you take that magic from the page to the stage?

Well I don’t want to say too much and give spoilers but we’ve had a load of help from the house fairies.

What in the To Dream Again script were you most keen to highlight, and how have you done it?

I suppose at its heart its a play about change and about growing up. Toby has written what I believe to be a very real family experiencing some very real problems but there’s also lots of light and fun in the piece as well so we’ve played around with trying to find a balance between them.

What will children and their families take away from the show?

I think there’s a ton of stuff in there that you could take away. I’d love for the children to go home and talk to their parents about change and about how we deal with that, what it means. I also want them to leave feeling as though for a short amount of time they entered another world.

To Dream Again runs on Polka’s Main Stage from Fri 10 Mar – Sun 2 Apr. Click here for more information and to book tickets.