Help us create a Borrower world!

June 9, 2017

We need you to help us create an underground world to make the Borrowers feel welcome when they arrive here next week.

Get creative and make your own miniature object that you might find under the floorboards using recycled, reused or ‘borrowed’ materials. You can also use a shoe box to create your own miniature 3D Borrower world or habitat and help us create a secret, underground home here at Polka.

Send your creations directly to us at The Borrowers, Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1SB or drop them off at our Box Office next time you visit. We can’t wait to include them in our exhibition and make sure you pop into Polka to visit the world you have helped us create.

The show is on from 16 June – 20 August and each week one of The Borrowers from our  show, will pick their favourite item from the world and if you’re chosen you could win free tickets to Polka.

Please make sure you include your name, age, address and telephone number and email address as well as the name of a parent/carer so we can contact you if you win.

Please note we will be unable to return the items to you after the display.